Ecological toilet

LvHua environmental protection ecological public toilet

Since China's reform and opening up for more than 30 years, the society has undergone rapid changes, and the living standard and living environment are constantly improving. But in real life, there are many problems to be improved, one of which is the public toilet environment.
The first is "environmental hygiene". The sanitary conditions are poor and the equipment is aging. After entering many public toilets, there is a bad smell, flies flying all over the place, and toilet paper is scattered all over the floor. The interior lights of the toilets are dim or even dark. The faucets used for washing hands are necrotic. The water pressure of flushing equipment for flushing toilets is not enough. The whole infrastructure is extremely deteriorated. Some public toilets have broken doors and smoke in public toilets It is not uncommon to post wild advertisements.
The second is the lack of "humanized design". In the design of public toilets, we should try our best to make the toilet more user-friendly, comfortable and practical. We should set up a parking space beside the public toilet for drivers. We should repair the door lock inside the toilet to avoid embarrassment. We need to adjust the interior of female toilets, strengthen the safety factor, set alarm bells and configure mirrors. We should consider the use of children and the disabled for urinals , try to be comprehensive and meet the needs of different stages of the population.

LvHua has a professional team of designers. Referring to the advanced examples at home and abroad, according to the actual situation of public toilets and the sewage treatment capacity of toilets, combined with advanced technologies such as intelligent control and management of the Internet of things, the company has mature environmental protection microbial technology, with overseas professional team and foreign microbial research and development team, which is widely used in microbial environmental protection technology Guanghe technology innovation.

The design of LvHua ecological environmental protection public toilet takes into account the needs of different groups of people. The female toilet has strengthened the safety factor, set alarm bells and equipped with mirrors; for children, the urinal is adjusted to a reasonable height and size; for the disabled, the public toilet is provided with disabled access and barrier free toilet; and a family toilet, including mother and baby room and hand washing basin, is set up to facilitate the care of small children by women going out Children, in short, try to be humanized, comfortable and practical.
In the design of circulating water process of ecological public toilet, the organic impurities in toilet sewage are high, CODcr and BOD5 are high, and the value of BOD / cod is greater than 0.4, and the sewage has good biochemical property. Therefore, the biochemical treatment method is adopted and the microbial biochemical degradation is used. The integrated sewage treatment device of LvHua is a complete set of biochemical reactor.
The feces and urine produced in the toilet are discharged into the septic tank for collection, and the fecal sewage enters the LvHua integrated sewage treatment device. After a series of biochemical reactions, such as fine grid, primary sedimentation tank, anaerobic tank, aeration tank, membrane bioreactor and disinfection, the water quality reaches the standard. The effluent water enters the ecological pond, and finally flows back to flush the toilet, so as to achieve the purpose of water resources recycling. The effluent quality of the equipment can reach GB 18918-2002 "urban sewage treatment plant pollutant discharge standard" in the first class a discharge standard.
The integrated equipment adopts "Ao + MBR" treatment process, which can not only effectively degrade organic matters, but also remove nitrogen and phosphorus. In addition, with the adsorption and degradation of organic matters in flowing water by membrane bioreactor, the effluent quality can basically be directly discharged. The equipment treatment process is as follows:

The toilet sewage flows into the septic tank directly. Starting from the effluent of the septic tank, the coarse impurities are removed through the fine grid well, and then the suspended solids are settled in the primary sedimentation tank. After adjustment, the sewage is homogenized. The signal is transmitted by the liquid level controller and sent to the hydrolysis acidification tank (anaerobic tank) by the lifting pump for acidification, hydrolysis and nitrification, so as to reduce the concentration of organic matter and remove a large amount of N, P, and then flow In this process, most of the organic pollutants are degraded by biological oxidation and adsorption. The effluent flows to the MBR tank (membrane bioreactor) for further organic metabolism. The aged biofilm in the MBR pool falls off, and the sludge is lifted to the sludge tank by pump. Part of the organic pollutants are recycled to the hydrolysis acidification tank and treated together with the raw water When the water level of the clean water pool reaches a certain height, it flows to the disinfection contact pool outside the equipment, where it is disinfected by the disinfection device. So far, the toilet sewage is treated, and the effluent quality meets the class I a discharge standard in GB 18918-2002. It enters into the ecological pond to store water for reflux flushing, and the water resources are recycled.

Characteristics of integrated sewage treatment equipment

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