Ecological Restoration

Restoration of soil stain

Remediation of contaminated soil sites

Aiming at the agricultural soil pollution and greening environment, relying on the science and technology platform of Zhejiang University and Soil Environment Research Institute of Chinese Academy of Sciences, greening environment has developed various kinds of soil remediation technologies, including economic and practical in-situ Biotechnology (composting biology, rotation biology, microbial plant joint remediation, biological ventilation), which can be targeted at low and medium concentrations of toxic organic compounds, such as pesticides, PCB, and high efficiency The feasible ectopic mandatory remediation technologies (Dano mandatory bioremediation, ectopic leaching technology, immobilized and stabilized landfill technology) can target high concentration pollutants or inorganic toxic pollutants, such as heavy metals, high concentration pesticides, etc.

soil pollution

In daily production and life, it will cause different degrees of pollution to the environment. Soil pollution is mainly divided into heavy metal pollution, VOC (volatile organic compounds) pollution, oil pollution and pesticide residue pollution. These pollution will bring serious harm to soil and groundwater resources. It will cause great harm to animals, plants and human body.

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